Company History

I grew up working with my family during the summer and weekends. My first check was $40.00 for sanding basebord all week. My Dad always taught me to do the best job I could, no matter what I was doing. Later on, I worked for other people around town doing different things, and by the time I was in high-school, I was contracting houses to paint on my own. I earned my high-school diploma during the summer fo 1994 while contracting painting from Kenny Thompson Builders on all the Housing Authority Houses in Water Valley.

Terry Allen with his son Brennan

Our Family has been in the Plaster, Paint, and Drywall business for over Four Generations, starting with my Great Great uncle Jo Peackock, who was a Plaster man and Painter. I have had the privilege to work with such people as Mr. Buddy Peakcock, Richard Allen, James "Elmo" Peakock, Terry L. Allen Sr, and Mr. John Lawrence. These people taught me at a young age alot about painting, drywall, and faux finishing. I have learned alot of other things on my own, but I do give "Credit where Credit is due." Without the start these men gave me, I would not know what I do today. An elderly man told me one time that people seldom improve when they only have themselves to go by. I believe that to be true.

Today we are working for several great General Contractors. We are very grateful to be a part of their team. We are going to stick with quality work and craftsmanship, which is something I want to pass down to my son, no matter what he may choose to become in the future. We have been very blessed to have the work that we have had, and like I said earlier, give "Credit where Credit is due." The biggest help I have had in my life comes from my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, without Him, I would not be where I am today.

In the Future, I would like to work with you on any project that you have in mind. No matter how little or how big, if it is important to you, it is important to me. We can do one room or an entire building or house. We would be happy to serve you in all your interior and exterior Design Finishes.

Terry L. Allen